Topics of Shinkansen Travels

  • The system usage in February, 2018

    In February, this site Shinkansen Timetable had been visited 108 thousand times by 79 thousand users, and the page view was 310 thousand. The23.7% in the total access was through desktop, 71.3% through mobile, 5.0% through tablet.

  • Kyushu Net Hayatoku 7 will continuously available until September.

    For travel by Kyushu Shinkansen, JR Kyushu sells Kyushu Net Hayatoku 7 (九州ネット早特7), which is purchasable until seven days before the travel date, beyond March 31. They said it will continuously available until the end of September. And new price 5,800 yen, now 5,500yen, will be applied for travels after April 1 between Kumamoto and Kagoshima-Chuo.

  • Sanyo Shinkansen’s Hello Kitty Shinkansen will run from this summer.

    Sanyo Shinkansen will collaborate with Hello Kitty from Sanrio. The famous collaboration project of Sanyo Shinkansen is Evangelion Shinkansen which runs until May 13. JR West announced next project operates Series 500 cars in pink. Hello Kitty will be a guide to promote regional charms in the west Japan area.

  • key changes of 2018’s new schedule

    The Shinkansen train service schedule will be revised on March 17. This site “Shinkansen Timetable” picked up the key changes of new schedule.

  • Crucial reforms for discount ticket for traveling to Kyushu

    Many discount tickets to Kyushu will end to be sold at the end of March. JR Central, JR West and JR Kyushu announced they will finish to sell these tickets from Nagoya, Kyoto, Shin-Osaka, Shin-Kobe, Nishi-Akashi, Himeji and other stations to Kyushu cities.