Topics of Shinkansen Travels

  • Shinkansen Jiyuseki-you Hayatoku Ticket ends at the end of September.

    JR Central announced they will terminate the selling of Shinkansen Jiyuseki-you Hayatoku Ticket (新幹線自由席早特往復きっぷ) on September 23 that is for travel from September 30.

  • Alternative transportation by Shinkansen in September after July 2018’s heavy rain

    In Chugoku area, the transport facilities have been heavily damaged from the heavy rain in July. Sanyo Shinkansen trains run as scheduled now but some local train services are still suspended. JR West announced they quit the alternate transportation service by Sanyo Shinkansen between Mihara – Hiroshima. The last service date will be September 8.

  • The estimation of Doctor Yellow’s operational date in September 2018

    On the subject of Doctor Yellow, a high-speed test train on Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen, we tried to estimate its operational schedules for this month of September 2018. Because the Doctor Yellow’s testing date has some biases, we can calculate and estimate the testing schedules with the biases of prior testing dates and days.

  • 2018-19’s Full Moon Pass is released.

    JR groups released that Full Moon Fufu Green Pass (フルムーン夫婦グリーンパス) from September 1 again for couples of 88 in a total of husband’s and wive’s ages. This pass allows unlimited travel throughout Japan by green cars for 5, 7 or 12 days.

  • 2018 autumn trains operational plans

    JR companies released the overview of special operational trains in this autumn, from October 1, 2018 to November 30. They will provide many train services according to their prospective of demand.