Topics of Shinkansen Travels

  • Local train services in Chugoku area after the heavy rain.

    The transport facilities are heavily damaged over large areas from the heavy rain of this month in Chugoku area. Now, Sanyo Shinkansen’s service between Shin-Osaka and Hakata is available but local train services are still suspended. JR West reported the availabilities of local train services on July 12. When you travel, check the latest information.

  • The estimation of Doctor Yellow’s operational date in July 2018

    On the subject of Doctor Yellow, a high speed test train on Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen, we tried to estimate its operational schedules for this month of July 2018. Because the Doctor Yellow’s testing date has some biases, we can calculate and estimate the testing schedules with the biases of prior testing dates and days.

  • Gachi Ticket for 2018 summer will be available soon.

    JR Kyushu will releas “Gachi Ticket” (ガチきっぷ) again for the coming summer travel. This ticket allows a one-way trip by Kyushu Shiknansen and local limited express train’s no-reservation seats. The travelers must be 18-24 year old.

  • The system usage in May 2018

    In May, this site Shinkansen Timetable had been visited 262 thousand times by 195 thousand users, and the page view was 735 thousand. The21.6% in the total access was through desktop, 73.1% through mobile, 5.3% through tablet.

  • The congestion guessing for 2018 summer holidays

    We supposed that the number of trains is increased on the day of much demand which is estimated by JR companies. Tokado, Sanyo and Kyushu Shinkansen’s most frequently serviced days during summer holidays (August 9, 2018 – 19) are August 10 – 12 for outbound trains and August 15 – 19for inbound ones. Therefore the peak of crowding should be on these days.