Okayama Depot will be opened on October 27.

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photo by OpenCage.info

JR West announced the Shinkansen’s depot in Okayama will be opened to the public as Sanyo Shinkansen Fureai Day (山陽新幹線ふれあいデー(岡山)) on Octuber 27. At the site, visitors can watch many Sanyo Shinkansen’s train cars. The cockpit of a Shinkansen train will also be opened for a few participants who selected by loto. Please note that to participate this event, visitors need advanced registration and being in a drawing.

Overview of the Okayama Depot Tour

Name of event:
Sanyo Shinkansen Fureai Day (Okayama) (山陽新幹線ふれあいデー(岡山))
Date and Hour:
10:00 to 15:00 of Sun, October 27, 2018
* may canceled due to heavy weather
Okayama Shinkansen’s Depot in Okayama City
Visiting a cockpit of a Shinkansen car
Displaying of Shinkansen trains
Lecture of checkup and repair work
Displaying of working vehicles
Experiential ride on a rail cart
Show of Sanyo Shinkansen official hero Kansenger’s staging, etc.
Deadline of advanced applications:
due NLT Mon, September 8
about 10 min. work from Kita-Nagase Station on Sanyo Line
Admission Fee:
To obtain the admission, winning the advanced lottery is needed.