Mickey Mouse train runs from May 17 on Kyushu Shinkansen

This article was written about 600 months ago.
photo by YHWHisYeshua

Mickey Mouse debuted publicly in the short film Steamboat Willie in 1928 and it is his 90th anniversary. JR Kyushu starts Go! Waku Waku Trip with MICKEY Project to promote travel on Kyushu Shinkansen.

The centerpiece of this project is the travel of the JR Kyushu Waku Waku Trip Shinkansen (JR九州 Waku Waku Trip新幹線) which is painted lively big Mickey Mouse on its vehicle. This special painted Series 800 car set will run between Hakata – Kagoshima-Chuo as Sakura and Tsubame trains on Kyushu Shinkansen from May 17.

The in-car attendants will sell special good such as T-shirts (2,500 yen, tax excluded), notes (380 yen), key holder (500 yen) and so on in certain trains. They announced these items are also available in shops in stations.

On May 17, the first day of the JR Kyushu Waku Waku Trip Shinkansen’s travel, only the invited passengers can get aboard this Mickey Mouse train. All passengers holding regular Shinkansen ticket can take this specially painted Shinkansen trains which run as regularly scheduled train after May 18. The special website (https://www.jrkyushu-wakuwaku.jp/) will announce the Mickey Mouse train’s operational schedule. These cars will travels on Kyushu Shinkansen until early in November.