Free Wi-Fi service will be available in Shinkansen stations in Kyushu.

This article was written about 599 months ago.
photo by USA-Reiseblogger

JR Kyushu announced that around Shinkansen stations’ ticket counters and ticket gates, free Wi-Fi service called “JR-KYUSHU FREE Wi-Fi” will be available. To connect, mail address or SNS account is required to register. Once register these, “Shinkansen Free Wi-Fi” provided in Shinkansen trains is also available. The SSID of this “JR-KYUSHU FREE Wi-Fi” is “JR-KYUSHU_FREE_Wi-Fi”.

Releasing time of the Wi-Fi service

  • Kokura, March 27
  • Hakata, March 27
  • Shin-Tosu, after April
  • Kurume, after April
  • Chikugo-Funagoya, after April
  • Shin-Omuta, after April
  • Shin-Tmana, after April
  • Kumamoto, March 27
  • SHin-Yatsushiro, after April
  • Shin-Minamata, after April
  • Izumi, after April
  • Sendai, after April
  • Kagoshima-Chuo, March 27