The system usage in January 2019

This article was written about 598 months ago.
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In January, this site Shinkansen Timetable had been visited 140 thousand times by 108 thousand users, and the page view was 327 thousand. The 20.5% in the total access was through desktop, 68.1% through mobile, 11.5% through tablet.

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System usage of January, 2019

Unique Visitors:
108,023 (-7.73% month-to-month)
140,946 (-10.3% month-to-month)
327,494 (.21% month-to-month)
Searches (Travel Planner):
109,247 (-18.14% month-to-month)
Pageview for Congestion Data:
76,514 (-24.12% month-to-month)