Winter coffee campaign on Tokaido Shinkansen trains

This article was written about 597 months ago.
photo by Couleur

Tokaido Shinkansen’s in-car sales will start the Winter Coffee Campaign on January 24. They will provide fine coffee as a limited time offer. The coffee of this time is excellent with chocolate.

The beans are from Brazil and Columbia, surely grown in certified farms of Rainforest Alliance. By roasted them in two steps, coffee which is a good match with chocolate is produced. Tokaido Shinkansen’s in-car sales are selling Glico’s “Almond Premio” (310 yen) and “Bitte (Milk Chocola)” (620 yen). You may enjoy the combination of these chocolate and fine coffee.

The prices are made no change (a regular sized cup is 320 yen and the large one is 370 yen). The regular sized coffee is in specially designed cups for this campaign period. The campaign is planned for a month but it is subject to change due to the sales trend.

During this campaign period, 30 yen discount is available when passengers purchase hot coffee and one of above two chocolates at once. Even if the coffee for this campaign ends before their plan, this discount will be available until the end of February.