The hot coffee size-up campaign at Sanyo Shinkansen’s in-car sales

This article was written about 594 months ago.
photo by kaboompics

As a part of a reconstruction effort from the July 2018’s heavy rain, “Hot Coffee Size-up Campaign” (「がんばろう!西日本」ホットコーヒーサイズアップキャンペーン) is held at Sanyo Shinkansen’s in-car sales until the end of December. A large sized hot coffee (usually at 360 yen) is purchasable at 310 yen which is as same as a regular sized one. And they will send 5 yen per a cup to the affected area as a donation.

This coffee size-up campaign started from October 25. From the same date, October 25, in-car sales started to sell “Junmai Daiginjo Gomon-Kagura KAGURA Muroka Genshu” (純米大吟醸五紋神蔵 KAGURA 無濾過原酒). It is at 600 yen (150 ml). They also sell Dassai (獺祭) at 850 yen (180 ml), and KAGURA may be more affordable than Dassai.