Tokaido Shinkansen’s in-car sales hot coffee was renewed.

This article was written about 593 months ago.
photo by PublicDomainPictures

JR Central Passengers released new hot coffee for in-car sales of Tokaido Shinkansen from September 27. The new coffee is made from 100% of the top grade arabica beans for export from Rainforest Alliance’s certified farm in Brazil and Nicaragua. Brazilian beans have a rich and sweetened taste and Nicaraguan ones have a bright flavor. After the best-suited way of roast for these two kinds of beans, they are blended.

JR Central Passengers said in their press release that they hope to enjoy the new flavor and rich taste of the coffee. A regular sized coffee is at 320 yen and a large one is at 370 yen.

Note that in-car sales of Tokaido Shinkansen are available in Nozomi and Hikari. Kodama has no such services.