Kumamoto Depot will be opened on October 28.

This article was written about 593 months ago.
photo by Yamaguchi Yoshiaki

JR Kyushu announced the Shinkansen’s depot in Kumamoto will be opened to the public as Shinkansen Festa 2018 in Kumamoto (新幹線フェスタ2018 in 熊本) on October 28. At the site, visitors can watch Kyushu Shinkansen’s train cars. The cockpit of a Shinkansen train will also be opened for a few participants who selected by loto.

Overview of the Kumamoto Depot Tour

Name of event:
Shinkansen Festa 2018 in Kumamoto (新幹線フェスタ2018 in 熊本)
Date and Hour:
October 28, 2018
Kumamoto Shinkansen’s Depot in Minami-ku, Kumamoto City
Stepping into Shinkansen trains
Visiting cockpits [drawing]
Demonstration ride [numbered ticket required]
about 5 min walk from Tomiai Station on Kagoshima Line