New moving fence has been built on Shin-Kobe Station tracks.

This article was written about 592 months ago.
photo by そらみみ

JR West announced they have built and will start to use a new moving safety fence on Shinkansen track 2 (eastbound) in Shin-Kobe Station from August 27. The new fence opens up to about 5.5 m to be good for both 16-car trains and 8-car ones.

The existing safety fence was built in 1977 at 2 m inside of the tracks as a measure against strong wind caused by passing trains. Now, all trains stop at Shin-Kobe Station and the new safety fence is placed along the edge of the tracks.

According to their release in June 2017, they have a plan to built a new fence also on track 1 (westbound) by 2019 spring.