2018 summer trains operational plans

This article was written about 589 months ago.
photo by tabi-o-ji.com

JR companies released the overview of special operational trains in this summer, from July 1, 2018 to September 30. They will provide many train services according to their prospective of demand.

On Tokaido Shinkansen, 379 trains travel on an average day of this spring and 434,847 services (102% over the previous year) will be available totally for 92 days. During the summer holidays, 379 trains on an average day and 34,847 services (102% over the previous year) available totally for eleven days.

The Hello Kitty Shinkansen on Sanyo Shinkansen will run from June 30. It’s travel dates will be as follows.

Travel Plan of Hello Kitty Shinkansen
June 30
July 01-17, 21-31
August 01-07, 11-31
September 01, 02, 06-25, 29, 30

Have a nice trip in this summer.