Hello Kitty Shinkansen will run on Sanyo Shinkansen from June 30.

This article was written about 18 months ago.
photo by JR西日本

“Hello Kitty Shinkansen” will run on Sanyo Shikansen from June 30. This is the special wrapping cars of Series 500 like “500 TYPE EVA” which had run until May 13. This train runs between Shin-Osaka and Hakata everyday except certain days as Kodama 730 (Hakata 06:40 → Shin-Osaka 11:13) and Kodama 741 (Shin-Osaka 11:29 → Hakata 15:30).

Just like “500 TYPE EVA”, Car No. 1 is a special cabin with no seats and Car No. 2 is free seating car of Hello Kitty specification. Cars No. 3 to 8 are usual cars.

Car No. 1 is “HELLO! PLAZA” which makes referral to regional charms in the west Japan area. Limited items and regional goodies are available at the shop space there. At first, Tottori and Shimane will be promoted in the “HELLO! PLAZA” because these regions will be picked up for “Sanin Destination Campaign” from July to September. They also announced the second region will be Yamaguchi because the next Destination Campaign will pick up there. This “HELLO! PLAZA” is free to step in and no reservations are necessary.

Kodama 730 and Kodama 741 operated by “Hello Kitty Shinkansen” are ordinary trains and can be ridden with regular tickets without special procedures.