Morning 500/300 will be released for commuting to Okayama

This article was written about 12 months ago.
photo by Cy Speed

JR West will release new coupon typed express tickets for commuters from Fukuyama and Shin-Kurashiki to Okayama. “Morning 500” (モーニング500), which is priced at 500 yen per a trip, is for commuters from Fukuyama to Okayama and “Morning 300” (モーニング300), priced at 300, is for commuters from Shin-Kurashiki to Okayama. Commuters having magnetic commuter passes can take Hikari and Kodama trains in the morning with these tickets.

A set of “Morning 500” for travels from Fukuyama have six tickets at 3,000 yen (500 yen per a ticket) and “Morning 300” for travels from Shin-Kurashiki at 1,800 yen (300 yen per a ticket). These tickets are good from the beginning to the end of the next month of purchasing. Saving amounts are 1,230 yen from Fukuyama per a trip and 560 yen from Shin-Kurashiki. Therefore, the break-even points of these tickets are three times commuting by Shinkansen travels within a month from Fukuyama (3,690 yen, the sum of saving amount, is more than 3,000 yen of selling price) and four times from Shin-Kurashiki (2,240 yen is more than 1,800 yen).

These tickets are good for taking Hikari and Kodama leaving the departing stations (Fukuyama and Shin-Kurashiki) from 06:00 to 08:30. No reservation seats are available.

Overview of Morning 500 (モーニング500) and Morning 300 (モーニング300)

Name of the ticket:
Morning 500 (モーニング500)
Morning 300 (モーニング300)
Travel dates:
Mon, January 1, 2018 – Sun, September 30
Period of selling:
Fri, December 8, 2017 – Fri, August 31, 2018
* purchasable tickets for the next month.
Maximum period of travel:
a month (from the beginning to the end of the month)
Effects of the ticket:
This ticket allows a one-way trip by designated Kodama and Hikari trains. No reservation seats in ordinary class are available.
Trains available with this ticket
from Fukuyama and Shin-Kurashiki to Okayama
  • Kodama 722 (Fukuyama 06:10 → Shin-Kurashiki 06:23 → Okayama 06:35)
  • Kodama 724 (Fukuyama 06:33 → Shin-Kurashiki 06:44 → Okayama 06:54)
  • Hikari 460 (Fukuyama 07:05 → Shin-Kurashiki 07:17 → Okayama 07:27)
  • Kodama 726 (Fukuyama 07:22 → Shin-Kurashiki 07:33 → Okayama 07:43)
  • Kodama 728 (Fukuyama 07:47 → Shin-Kurashiki 07:58 → Okayama 08:08)
  • Hikari 440 (Fukuyama 08:07 → Shin-Kurashiki 08:18 → Okayama 08:28)
Available sectors and prices:
Fukuyama – Okayama [one-way] JPY 500 (JPY ▲1,230, saving about 71.0%)
Shin-Kurashiki – Okayama [one-way] JPY 300 (JPY ▲560, saving about 65.1%)
Terms of use:
required magnetic commuter passes
Purchasable at:
ticket counters in Okayama and Fukuyama area’s major stations
Passengers having ICOCA commuter passes cannot use this ticket. ICOCA commuter passes are switchable to magnetic passes at ticket counters.
Good for riding from Fukuyama and Shin-Kurashiki. Not allowed to travel from Okayama.