Shinkansen Depot’s event in Kumamoto on November 12

This article was written about 13 months ago.
photo by k onomura

JR Kyushu announced the Shinkansen’s depot in Kumamoto will be opened to the public as “Shinkansen Festa 2017 in Kumamoto” (新幹線フェスタ2017 in熊本) on November 12.

On the day, visitors can feast on Series N700 and 800 running on Kyushu Shinkansen with stepping into the cockpit, etc. No advanced reservation is required. To get into the cockpit and take a demonstration ride, it is required to join the drawing or get numbered tickets.

Overview of the Kumamoto Depot Tour

Name of event:
Shinkansen Festa 2017 in Kumamoto (新幹線フェスタ2017 in熊本)
Date and Hour:
09:30 to 15:30 on Sun. November 12, 2017
* Last admission at 15:00
Kumamoto Shinkansen’s Depot in Minami-ku, Kumamoto City
Display and stepping into Series N700 and 800
Visiting cockpits [drawing]
Demonstration ride [numbered ticket required]
about 5 min walk from Tomiai Station on Kagoshima Line
Admission Fee:
Whole or part of the event may canceled due to the weather and train operational status.
The drawing for visiting cockpit is performed at the event venue.
The numbered ticket for demonstration ride is distributed at the event venue (north side of the main gate).