”Gachi Ticket” for spring 2017 will be available soon.

This article was written about 16 months ago.
photo by Gettysburg College

JR Kyushu released “Gachi Ticket” (ガチきっぷ) again from February 1 for the spring travel. This ticket allows a on-way trip by Kyushu Shiknansen and local limited express train’s no-reservation seats but the travelers must be 18 -24 year old.

Overview of Gachi Ticket (ガチきっぷ)

Name of the ticket:
Gachi Ticket (ガチきっぷ)
Travel dates:
Wed, March 1, 2017 – Mon, April 3
Period of selling:
Wed, February 1, 2017 – Fri, March 31
* available three days before the travel date
Effects of the ticket:
This ticket allows one-way trip by Kyushu Shinkansen and local limited express train’s no-reservation seats in ordinary class.
Major available sectors and prices (e.g.):
Hakata (Fukuoka City) – Kumamoto Area [one-way] JPY 2,570 (JPY ▲2,040, saving about 44.2%)
Hakata (Fukuoka City) – Kagoshima-Chuo [one-way] JPY 7,710 (JPY ▲2,220, saving about 22.3%)
Kumamoto Area – Kagoshima-Chuo [one-way] JPY 5,660 (JPY ▲760, saving about 11.8%)
Kita-Kyushu City – Kumamoto Area [one-way] JPY 3,810 (JPY ▲2,850, saving about 42.7%)
Kita-Kyushu City – Kagoshima-Chuo [one-way] JPY 8,950 (JPY ▲2,350, saving about 20.7%)
Terms of use:
This ticket is only for young travelers, aged 18 to 24.
Purchasable at:
JR Kyushu’s stations, travel centers in stations, branches of JR Kyushu Travel and major travel agencies
“Kumamoto Area”, shown in available sectors, includes stations between Kumamoto and Suizenji, and Kami-Kumamoto. The local train services are usable on these sections.
Tickets from/to Kitakyushu City don’t allow to travel by Sanyo Shinkansen between Kokura and Hakata. The limited express trains are available for this section.
Travelers are required bringing proof of their age when they purchase ticket and travel.