Kodama Shiteiseki Oufuku Ticket will be sold until March, 2017.

This article was written about 33 months ago.
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JR West released Kodama Shiteiseki Oufuku Ticket (こだま指定席往復きっぷ) for at least two passengers traveling together is ongoingly available until next March.

Overview of Kodama Shiteiseki Oufuku Ticket (こだま指定席往復きっぷ)

Name of the ticket:
Kodama Shiteiseki Oufuku Ticket (こだま指定席往復きっぷ)
Travel dates:
Departing on Fri, April 1, 2016 – Fri, March 31, 2017
Period of selling:
Fri, March 11, 2016 – Thu, March 30, 2017
* available 21 – 1 day(s) before the departure date
Maximum period of travel:
seven days
Effects of the ticket:
This ticket allows a round trip by Kodama and some Hikari trains. Assigned seats in second class cars are available.
Major available sectors and prices (e.g.):
Shin-Osaka (Osaka City) – Okayama [RT] JPY 7,200 (JPY ▲4,840, saving about 40.1%)
Shin-Osaka (Osaka City) – Hiroshima (City) [RT] JPY 12,860 (JPY ▲7,600, saving about 37.1%)
Hiroshima (City) – Hakata (Fukuoka City) [RT] JPY 11,310 (JPY ▲6,570, saving about 36.7%)
Terms of use:
This ticket is for at least two passengers traveling along.
Purchasable at:
major JR stations and travel vendors around the departure area
Shown discount rates are against regular fare.
The train and seat must be assigned at the time of purchase. Changes are not permitted.
This discount’s availability is limited on a train-to-train basis.