Congestion Prediction of Shinkansen

These are the prediction of Shinkansen's congestion by an independent survay of this site Shinkansen Timetable. The color of green (score 50) means average, green to blue (less than 50) means low and green to red (more than 50) means high congestion estimated. We hope the following data is helpful.

09/28 Wed.
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09/29 Thu.
09/30 Fri.
10/01 Sat.
10/02 Sun.
10/03 Mon.
10/04 Tue.
10/05 Wed.
10/06 Thu.
10/07 Fri.
10/08 Sat.
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10/09 Sun.
10/10 Mon.
10/11 Tue.
10/12 Wed.
10/13 Thu.
10/14 Fri.
10/15 Sat.
10/16 Sun.
10/17 Mon.
10/18 Tue.
10/19 Wed.

low congestion high
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Precaution in Using the Data

  • The data has been calculated based on the usage of this site and is not directly correlated with JR companies owing data. Please don't make any inquiries at JR companies about this data.
  • There is no guarantee that the prediction of congestion shown above consists with Shinkansen's actual congestion because the usage of this site dosen't have exactly same matter with actual Shinkansen's usage. The prediction data should be used only as a guide.