About This Site

  • This “Shinkansen Timetable” is an online Tokaido, Sanyo and Kyushu Shinkansen’s travel planner, making your trip smooth and pleasant.
  • When you travel actually, you should confirm your schedule with commercially available printed timetables and information displayed at the station.
  • The time table data of this system was producted according to the “JR Jikokuhyo”(published by Kotsushimbunsha).
  • This system requires enabled JavaScript at your web browser.
  • Except of a few major stations, Travel Plannner showing times indicate departure times.
  • For certain reasons, times and compositions of trains may be subject to change.
  • This system is developed and managed by SHIINO, Macoto as a private service. If you need more information about this system, you should send e-mail to SHIINO(shinkansen@tabi-o-ji.com). The subject of your mail should be “SHINKANSEN” for me.
  • The train images displayed with travel plans were provided by Train Front View.